Buyer's Agent's Duties

A lot of time, effort, and negotiating goes into purchasing a new home.  Here are some of the key items I handle for clients to obtain the right home at the right price.


Initial Consultation:

  • Meet with clients to understand their needs, preferences, budget, and timeline.
  • Discuss the home buying process and answer any initial questions.


Mortgage Pre-Approval:

  • Help clients get pre-approved for a mortgage to determine their budget.
  • Refer clients to trusted mortgage brokers if needed.


Property Search:

  • Create a list of properties that match the client's criteria using MLS and other resources.
  • Provide access to exclusive listings not publicly available.


Home Tours:

  • Schedule and conduct tours of selected properties.
  • Highlight key features and potential issues of each property.


Market Analysis:

  • Provide clients with a comparative market analysis to understand property values.
  • Advise on market trends.


Making an Offer:

  • Help clients decide on a competitive offer price based on market analysis.
  • Prepare and submit the offer to the seller's agent.



  • Negotiate terms and conditions of the offer with the seller's agent.
  • Advocate for the best possible price and favorable terms for the client.


Offer Acceptance:

  • Guide clients through the steps once an offer is accepted.
  • Ensure all parties understand the agreed-upon terms.


Home Inspection:

  • Schedule and attend the home inspection.
  • Review the inspection report with clients and discuss any issues found.


Addressing Contingencies:

  • Negotiate repairs or credits based on inspection findings.
  • Ensure all contingencies are met according to the contract.


Appraisal and Financing:

  • Coordinate with the lender to ensure the property appraisal is completed.
  • Assist clients in finalizing their mortgage application and securing financing.


Final Walkthrough:

  • Schedule and conduct a final walkthrough to ensure the property is in agreed-upon condition.
  • Confirm all requested repairs have been completed.


Closing Process:

  • Review the closing documents with clients.
  • Attend the closing to ensure all documents are properly signed and processed.


Post-Closing Support:

  • Give clients the keys to their new home (my favorite part)
  • Provide clients with a list of useful contacts.
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