Fountain Hills Timeline

fh fountain


  • 1968: Robert P. McCulloch, founder of McCulloch Properties, Inc., purchases the land that would become Fountain Hills, envisioning a master-planned community.


  • 1970: Construction of the fountain, designed by Charles Wood, is completed. The fountain, capable of reaching a height of 560 feet, is turned on for the first time on December 15, 1970.
  • 1970: Fountain Hills officially opens for development and residential construction begins.
  • 1971: The first residents move into Fountain Hills.
  • 1972: The community is featured in national media, attracting interest and new residents.


  • 1980: The population of Fountain Hills reaches approximately 4,000.
  • 1984: The town sees continued development with the construction of new homes, parks, and amenities.
  • 1989: Fountain Hills is officially incorporated as a town on December 5, 1989.


  • 1990: Population growth continues, reaching around 10,000 residents.
  • 1996: The Fountain Hills Community Theater is established, contributing to the town's cultural scene.
  • 1999: The town hosts its first annual Fountain Festival of Arts and Crafts, attracting visitors and artists from around the region.


  • 2000: The population of Fountain Hills surpasses 20,000 residents.
  • 2001: The Fountain Hills Community Center opens, providing a venue for events, meetings, and recreational activities.
  • 2004: The Fountain Hills High School opens, serving the growing educational needs of the community.


  • 2010: The town celebrates its 40th anniversary with various community events and festivities.
  • 2015: Fountain Hills is recognized as an International Dark Sky Community, emphasizing its commitment to reducing light pollution and preserving the night sky.
  • 2018: The fountain undergoes significant maintenance and upgrades to ensure its continued operation and efficiency.


  • 2020: Fountain Hills marks its 50th anniversary with celebrations highlighting its history and community achievements.
  • 2023: Ongoing development includes new residential areas, commercial projects, and enhancements to public spaces and infrastructure.

Fountain Hills continues to grow and develop, maintaining its unique character and commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area while providing a high quality of life for its residents.